Blue Lemon-Aid


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Based around the legendary Orange Squeezer by Dan Armstrong, Blue Lemon-Aid brings you fast, tight FET-compression with an added external bias control for the compressor sidechain and a lower noise floor than the original.

With geeky details such as polyester film capacitors, ultra low noise Op-Amps, precision metal film transistors and extensive use of ground planes, Blue Lemon-Aid has a very low noise floor, and an extremely transparent sonic quality.

All of that combined with the fast attack nature of FET compression circuits will make sure that your smooth operations will stay ultra smooth no matter what.

The original circuit featured a factory set compression setting leaving the you with just a volume knob to fiddle with. On the inside was a little trimmer, that would allow you to tune the nature of compression to your own liking. Turning the trimmer too far to one side would make the sound distort harshly, and too far in the opposite direction, sound would just cut off.
I’m in love with all sorts of knobs and toggles, so i brought the preset trimmer to the outside of the box and added a clever limiting resistor network around it, making sure that you’ll only get the usable sweep range of what used to be the secret trimmer on the inside. Neat, eh?